AMBUCS Helps Those with Disabilities Gain Independence and Mobility

A leader in the oil and gas industry of the Permian Basin, Standard Energy Services offers a range of support services for oil and gas companies conducting business in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Outside of its day-to-day business operations, Standard E&S supports the work of charities and nonprofits, including AMBUCS, a service organization that endeavors to help individuals with disabilities become more independent.

One of AMBUCS’ main programs is its AmBility program, which is focused on helping those with physical disabilities gain more mobility. Adopted in 1998, the program consists of three major activities: creating accessible playgrounds, ramp building, and distributing therapeutic tricycles through the AmTryke Project.

Through the AmTryke Project, over 15,000 therapeutic tricycles have been distributed to individuals around the world. Medical professionals attest to the myriad physical benefits experienced by riding the tricycles, as well as acknowledge significant improvements in self-esteem. Designed for individuals with a range of disabilities, the tricycles can be operated with hands or feet and can accommodate people of all sizes.

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